Real Estate Closing

Purchasing a home can be an intimidating task. At Notarized, Inc. we offer on-demand notary services nationwide with notaries who are thoroughly vetted and ready to assist you with all of your real estate closings.

Fast, Secure Real Estate Closings

Real Estate closings are time-sensitive. At Notarized, Inc., our scheduling services and database of experienced notaries mean closing your sale without delays. When all of the details are carefully planned and timed, we know you want to make sure there are no hiccups. Notarized, Inc. offers innovative, easy-to-use, cloud-based notary signing solutions for a wide variety of types of real estate closings. We offer expert notary services for title companies, escrow companies, lenders, realtors, attorneys, and individuals.

Want it Done Right the First Time? Use the Notary Professionals

If you're looking for a hassle-free way to get your loan documents in order, look no further than Notarized, Inc. We can help you avoid costly delays by ensuring that all of your documents are correctly signed and notarized. We're committed to getting things done right the first time, so you can focus on what's important - closing your transaction.

Lenders must meet strict government regulations which means all of your documents must be correctly signed and notarized in order to be processed. Errors like missing initials, mistakes in the date or seal, or a single absent signature page can delay funding your loan. Why not get things done right the first time by using Notarized, Inc.?

Notarized, Inc.'s specially trained notaries are familiar with a wide range of documents:

  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate Settlements
  • Reverse Mortgages and Bridge Loans
  • Second Mortgage and Home Equity Loans
  • Refinancing and Loan Modifications

Real Estate Closings - Safe and Secure

Encrypted protection and layers of security to keep your sensitive information safe while making sure your electronic documents are delivered in a timely fashion. Our experienced notaries are highly professional and responsible, guaranteeing your privacy. They will ensure that everything that needs to be signed is taken care of. Contact us today to try remote online notarization services today!

We are revolutionizing the way closings are done with our strikingly simple-to-use system. To learn more about how Notarized, Inc. can improve client satisfaction and expedite real estate closings, contact one of our customer satisfaction agents today at 800-885-SIGN.