Bank Signings

When it is not practical for a notary public to visit a signer at their home for a mortgage signing, we can often arrange for the signers and our notaries to meet at a bank to complete their signing.

Secure, Expedient Bank Signing Notarization

There are occasions when it's not practical for a notary to visit a client at home for a mortgage signing due to factors such as a lack of reliable internet service and a lack of security. For such occasions, we can often arrange for clients and our notaries to meet at a bank to complete whatever signings may be necessary. Notarized Inc. will make all arrangements that may be necessary to bring about your mortgage closing in a place that is both comfortable and accessible to all parties.

If you're in need of a notary for bank signings, you're in the right place. Notarized, Inc. is the leading provider of notary services for bank signings. We have a team of experienced notaries who are available nationwide to notarize your documents. We're available 24/7 to make sure that your documents are notarized in a timely and efficient manner. Contact us today to get started.

Nationwide Notary Network

Notarized Inc. has established a relationship with the largest banks in California and across the country, allowing us to use the facilities of their branches to complete signings of many types, including first mortgages, refinancing, and annuity buyouts. Since many clients that leverage our notarization services are residents of the area served by these branches, allowing us to use their facilities will often lead to new business for the branch bank.

When you hire a notary through Notarized, Inc. you and your clients will be getting a notary that has met our exacting requirements to work assignments through our company, including a background check that is typically more thorough than state requirements for the commissioning of new notaries. You will also be hiring our secure document storage and version control technologies to secure your client's private personal information from the prying eyes of hackers and identity thieves.