We prepare deeds


Our deed prep services include

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Adding or removing a person's name from your deed

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Transferring property to or from the trustee of a living trust

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Transferring property from one person to another

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Changing how co-owners hold title (such as converting the property from community property to separate property)

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Transferring your property to or from a business, such as a Corporation or LLC

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Transferring ownership to a spouse after marriage OR from a spouse after divorce

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Bundle discount for those who want a Deed and a notarization through Notarized, Inc.

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We give you information for your County Recorder on how you can record your deed

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24/48 hour turnaround time

We make it easy to track all users analytics

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Advanced tracking

You may not realize how important notary services are until you are in need of one. There are actually many instances throughout your life where you may need notary services. At Notarized, Inc. we provide people with on-demand notary services so that they can keep up with important documents. One instance in which you may need notary services are during deed preparation.

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Legal Ramifications

Having a correct deed is essential in many situations, and if it is not prepared correctly, it can cause legal issues in the future. If you need help with deed preparation to ensure that it is being dealt with correctly, our team can help!

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What is a Deed?

Proper deeds are necessary in a few different situations. Most commonly, deeds are needed when transferring property or bringing on a co-owner to the property. Deeds are also crucial in the transfer of vehicles from one owner to another. If property is being transferred to a business or property is being changed from community to private, a deed is necessary to determine the new ownership.

Why is preparation important?

Deeds signify a lot of importance, especially in the eyes of the law. Even the smallest of mistakes that are done on deeds can cause an immense amount of problems in the future. Too often, names or addresses are misspelled which in turn means even more legal work needs to be done to overturn the mistakes. If there is a mistake on the deed, oftentimes the entire process has to be started over. Not only can this be frustrating for both parties involved but it can cost both parties time and money. If you have an important deed to take care of, getting help from a reliable party through deed preparation can stop any potential mistakes from being processed.

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