Remote Online Notary Service

Consider your documents Notarized from any location through our RON services. An easy to use, secure process that allows you to complete notarizations in a fraction of the time.

Trusted by 50+ companies around the world

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Signer Identification Verification Safeguards Include:

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Knowledge-based authentication (KBA)

The signer must answer a few questions specific to their personal history, maintaining integrity for similarly-named signers.

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Secure ID validation

Using image capture, our software confirms your identity with automated validation of a government-issued photo ID.

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Our safeguards are always evolving in order to keep up with individual states’ law requirements.

Your document is electronically
notarized online.

What is remote online notarization?

With remote online notarization (RON), or remote notarization, using audio-visual technology over the internet, a signer joins the Notary virtually at the time of the notarization, instead of being physically present in the same room. During a RON, documents are electronically signed and notarized online. Documents are shared online, and both the signing and notary process occur face-to-face in a virtual environment. A RON provides the ultimate convenience by allowing signers to be almost anywhere in the world to eSign documents while they appear before the remote online notary virtually.

Our online notaries make the entire process
as easy as possible for our customers!

How Does it Work?

The first step is to provide your notary with the documents that you need notarized. You can easily upload them as files from your phone or computer. If you don’t have access to these documents in digital format, you can simply snap a picture of the paperwork with your phone and upload it directly to the program.The second stage of online notarization is identity verification. We use the latest technology to compare your identity with your government-issued photo ID. Each signer must also answer a few questions about their past as a second form of verification.

Finally, you will join a video call with one of our licensed and vetted agents who will walk you through the signing process. It only takes a few minutes! Remote online notarization is truly the future of secure document verification. Notarized, Inc. can help you with any notary services that you need, so get in contact today!


Electronic Indication of Intent to Sign or Agree

With Notarized, Inc. you can securely sign, store and manage 100% legally-binding documents from anywhere at anytime, with remote online notary (RON) services. Never waste time seeking out a notary in-person again! Benefits Include:

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The entire process of document signing can be conducted seamlessly in the cloud, eliminating paper, hassles, and wasted time while saving money. Taking time out of your day just to travel for a quick signature is no more. Your entire remote online notarization session can take just a few minutes of your time.

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Able to Sign Anywhere in the World

Finding a notary can be a hassle, especially when you are someone that frequently travels. With Notarized, Inc.'s remote online service, you can securely sign, store and manage 100% legally-binding documents from anywhere in the world and at any time. Notarized, Inc. helps you accelerate sales, reduce costs, and automate the entire process of document signing, no matter where you are.

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Settlement Agents Able to Observe Signing

Notarized, Inc. is an industry-standard eSignature solution, trusted by both businesses and individuals every day. Perfect for realtors and real estate, healthcare, finance, legal, start-ups, and many more industries. If you need legally binding documents for your company, RON is worth looking into, you’ll be glad that you did!

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Recorded Signing accessible online

Notarized, Inc. protects your documents, confidential information, and electronic signatures by encrypting all information with the highest level of security. Documents are certified upon signature, legally enforceable, and can be accessed at any time if you need to reference them or use them in a legal dispute.

Remote Online

Currently 43 states have approved RON signings and more will follow

Secure Online Document Storage and Retrieval

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Online Storage

When a document is scanned into our secure cloud storage system, it stays in the same form that it was when it left your desk. If it becomes necessary to make a change in any document, only you have access to your data and only you can make or authorize any changes. This third-party service allows you to store, manage and share your documents online. It’s accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection and can be used to share documents with clients, colleagues, or anyone else with whom you need to collaborate.

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Template Library

We also maintain a complete template library that contains every legal document that you might need to complete a signing in a mortgage office. If you need to schedule a signing at a location away from your office, you can access our cloud storage from any location with internet access. You can save any changes that you find necessary to make as either a "one-time" modification or as a change to your document templates.

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CFPB Compliant Security

We utilize the latest online security features that encrypt your documents every time they enter or leave our cloud storage so that you have complete control over who sees your information. When you are ready to close a mortgage, you retain the ability to make any changes that an attorney might request. This means that you will have the ability to review your documents before your closing, giving you the peace of mind that the final closing documents will be in order. Instead of waiting for a paper package full of documents to be delivered to your home or office, you will be able to open, view, and download your documents at any time and from anywhere.

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