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Contrary to what many people believe, there are a number of other situations where you might need the services of an on-demand notary. One of these situations is when you will need a notary to certify your identity as a witness for documents such as passports and visas that you will need to visit another country.

Since the events of September 11, 2001, visits to Canada and Mexico require that you possess a valid form of US identification such as a driver's license and a US passport book or card. A passport card is all that you will need for quick (less than 1 day) visits to Canadian or Mexican destinations using surface transportation such as an automobile. Passport cards are not valid for entry into either country via international airline flights. For such flights you must have the book form of a US passport.

Applying, or renewing, a passport will require a witness to certify that you are a US citizen. In the past this would require that you appear in person at a location where you would present proof of citizenship and then execute a sworn statement that the evidence that you submitted was correct and not a forgery. Currently, you can appear before a notary to accomplish this task.

When you contact a notary via Notarized, Inc., a notary will come to you by appointment to examine your proof of citizenship and take your sworn statement as a witness. You then submit the notarized statement with your passport application.

When you use one of our notaries, your statement is scanned into our cloud data storage system. When this is done you can rest assured that your document is stored in our database server and is immediately available should unforeseen circumstances require that you present proof of citizenship. With the notarization services offered by Notarized, Inc., your sworn statement is available at any time from any computer having internet access.

Any documents or statements that require notarization are encrypted to protect your private information before it is stored in our cloud server, where only you will have access to your information.

So if a licensed, bonded and professional witness notary is what you need to complete your transaction, contact Notarized, Inc. today at (800) 936-2144 or click here.

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