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According to the most recent numbers to come out of Washington DC, the housing industry seems to be maintaining its slow recovery from the Sub-prime Mortgage Crisis and Recession of 2007-2010. With that recovery, the mortgage industry is seeing an increased demand for notaries that are willing to meet with both brokers and their clients. At Notarized, Inc., we are ready to meet that demand!

Imagine, A Notary on Demand

If you are in the home mortgage industry, you already know how valuable having a notary available can be. You also know that having a full time notary on your staff can be a strain on an operating budget. Notarized, Inc. is ready to furnish you with a notary on demand, when you have a closing, in your office or at your client's home.

Every notary at Notarized, Inc. has passed our extensive background check, a check that is tougher than those of many states. Before being listed with us, each notary completes training that equips them with the technical expertise necessary to use our secure cloud-based document management service to ensure that sensitive financial information is protected to the greatest extent possible, even exceeding the CFPB requirements for identity protection.

Our Technology Gives You an Edge

We are already one of the most popular notary services in California and on the west coast. We earned this distinction by using only the latest innovations in cloud-based document storage, retrieval, and transmission to ensure that you and your clients get only the best in technical knowledge and customer service.

In addition to our on-demand notary service, we also offer our document storage and versioning capabilities to our clients in order to assure them that any last minute changes are reflected in the documents our notaries will present for your client's signatures. By having any last-minute changes immediately available, we can help you avoid having your clients resubmit closing documents.

If you have a set of custom document templates that you work from, we will help you convert them to a format that will allow your staff to become more productive by eliminating rewrites. And we do all this at a price that will make you smile when you see your costs dropping every time you use our services.

To learn more about how Notarized, Inc. can improve both client satisfaction and your operating costs, contact one of our customer satisfaction agents today at (800) 936-2144 or click here.

About Notarized Inc.

If you are seeking a loan signing experience that puts you at ease, consider the efficient, secure and convenient solution. Notarized, Inc. We offer you state of the art technology and are fully licensed, insured and compliant with all CFPB standards. We are committed to providing signing agents that set a higher standard at the quickest completion times available.

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