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There are occasions when it's not practical for a notary to visit a client at home for a mortgage signing due to factors such as a lack of reliable internet service and lack of security. For such occasions, we can often arrange for clients and our notaries will meet at a bank to complete whatever signings may be necessary. Notarized Inc. will make all arrangements that may be necessary to bring about your mortgage closing in a place that is both comfortable and accessible to all parties.

Notarized Inc. has established a relationship with the largest banks in California and across the country, allowing us to use the facilities of their branches to complete signings of many types, including first mortgages, refinancing, and annuity buyouts. Since many clients that leverage our notarization services are residents of the area served by these branches, allowing us to use their facilities will often lead to new business for the branch bank.

When you hire a notary through Notarized, Inc. you and your clients will be getting a notary that has met our exacting requirements to work assignments through our company, including a background check that is more thorough than California's requirements (and any state's requirements for that matter) for the commissioning of new notaries. You will also be hiring our secure document storage and version control technologies to secure your client's private personal information from the prying eyes of hackers and identity thieves.

We also offer secure storage of document templates for many basic document types that you might use during the course of your everyday business activity. Since you have access to templates that have already been reviewed by a team of attorneys and document analysts, you avoid the unnecessary expenses associated with over-staffing and having to create documents from scratch every time you process a mortgage package.

Notarized Inc. is already among the most popular on-call notary services in California and is expanding into other markets as we grow. When you contact one of our pre-screened notaries, you will understand what we mean when we say that Notarized Inc. is the only notary service that you will need.

So if you need a licensed, bonded and professional notary to complete your bank transaction, contact Notarized, Inc. today at (800) 936-2144 or click here.

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If you are seeking a loan signing experience that puts you at ease, consider the efficient, secure and convenient solution. Notarized, Inc. We offer you state of the art technology and are fully licensed, insured and compliant with all CFPB standards. We are committed to providing signing agents that set a higher standard at the quickest completion times available.

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