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If you do business in California or another state that requires an attorney to be present at mortgage loan closings, you are already aware that bringing all the parties together at the same place and at the same time can be the hardest part of mortgage closings. At Notarized, Inc. we have a part of the solution that you have been looking for.

We became a leader in the on-demand notarization industry by helping you find the right notary, at the right time, and making sure that everyone came together at the right place. Closing doesn't have to be complicated when you use a notary provided by Notarized, Inc.!

Notarized, Inc. does more than help you to find a notary. When mortgage brokers like you use our on-call notary service, you also gain access to our comprehensive collection of online services such as:

Secure Online Document Storage and Retrieval
When a document is scanned into our cloud storage system, it stays in the same form that it was when it left your desk. If it becomes necessary to make a change in any document, only you have access to our cloud and only you can make or authorize any changes.

We also maintain a complete template library that contains every legal document that you might need to complete a signing in your mortgage office. If you need to schedule a signing at a location away from your office, you can access our cloud storage from any location having internet access. And you can save any changes that you find necessary to make as either a "one-time" modification or as a change to your document templates.

CFPB Compliant Security
We utilize the latest online security features that encrypt your documents every time they enter or leave our cloud storage so that you have complete control over who sees your documents. When you are ready to close a mortgage, you retain the ability to make any changes that an attorney might request.

These are not the only reasons to use the on-site notary services offered by Notarized, Inc. To learn more about our complete product packages, and how we can customize them to suit your needs, please contact us at your convenience at (800) 936-2144 or click here.

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If you are seeking a loan signing experience that puts you at ease, consider the efficient, secure and convenient solution. Notarized, Inc. We offer you state of the art technology and are fully licensed, insured and compliant with all CFPB standards. We are committed to providing signing agents that set a higher standard at the quickest completion times available.

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